MOGA World

4.3 ( 603 ratings )
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Forfatter: Bensussen Deutsch & Associates, Inc.

MOGA World is the perfect utility app for people interested in controller enabled games. MOGA World’s controller enabled games list is regularly updated. It gives recommendations on the best games to play with a controller. MOGA World also provides advanced features when used with MOGA ACE and MOGA REBEL controllers.

Key Features:
- Controller enabled games list

- Button test mode for MOGA ACE and MOGA REBEL controllers

- Firmware updater for MOGA ACE and MOGA REBEL controllers

- Controller practice micro game

The games list sorts games into three categories: recommended, new and free. It provides a game description and a direct link to the App Store for purchase.

The button test mode provides on-screen, real-time radial dials that show you the pressure sensitivity of each button, trigger and stick on the MOGA Ace and MOGA REBEL controllers.

As new firmware updates are released, Moga World will also allow you to update your MOGA controller conveniently over the Internet.

MOGA World is a must have for any MOGA owner.